I need some kitchen inspiration....

Life has been crazy lately, so I apologize for the lack of posts lately.  The kitchen drama continues. Let's begin, shall we?

  1. I f#@ked up our counter-tops big time.  Let's just say Jeremiah told me so.  
  2. We ordered new counter-tops from Home Depot.  Great deal and just what we wanted. 
  3. Decided to paint our existing cabinets.  They are in good shape, so we decided to paint them a beautiful mossy green.  Way more work than I thought they would be.  Ugh.  Thanks Hannah for the painting help and by passing the time by talking about "The Bachelorette."  
  4. Decided to re-face them as well so that we can add some dimension and style to our 1994 kitchen.
  5. Jeremiah gets a new saw.  He is a happy boy.
  6. Decided to also buy a new stove.  Drop-in General Electric.
  7. We are at Home Depot already, let's buy a new fridge too.  
  8. Delivery date in one week?  Awesome!
  9. Received the famous phone call "your delivery is scheduled for tomorrow between 10-2.  Thank you for your order from Home Depot."  Jeremiah unhooks the oven to prepare.
  10. Order doesn't show up.  Awesome.
  11. Oven on back order.  Awesome.
  12. Without an oven with a family of 4 for 2 weeks.  This could be fun?
  13. Cabinets get cleaned out and organized.  A package of Twizzlers from who-knows-when found between the drawers?  I think I will.  Yum.  Followed by a stomach ache.
  14. Take all the kitchen donations to Goodwill.  Find a cute pea-coat for $9.99 while I am there.  Score.
  15. Spray-paint hinges because no one makes the same size anymore and there is no way that I am going to fill all those cabinet door holes and rework the cabinet doors.  No.  Way.  They turn out good.
  16. Buy a new kitchen faucet.  Looks slick.  Orchard Supply Hardware rocks.  Priced wrong at $199 (supposed to be $249) and also got 20% off with coupon.  Score.
  17. Counter-tops template and install delayed because of the oven back order.  So we get to live with these hideous counter-tops for a few weeks.  Awesome-sauce.  
  18. So.....there is where we are at right now.  Yup.  

Here are some of our hideous "before" kitchen pictures.  Sorry in advance.  It's pretty bad.

Well, it's on its way (one way or another).  Thanks for the emotional support :)  I feel better already.