changing styles...


Hi all!  Yes, we are still alive.  Yes, I am a total slacker.  We surprised the kiddos with a trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago and I swear we are still playing catch-up!  We had a fabulous time and it was an amazing trip and the kids did excellent.  It was such a right-of-passage seeing your kiddos at Disneyland.

After returning, I started to think long and hard about where I want our home to be in a year and I realized that I am starting to realize that less is more.  I got rid of things that weren't making me happy any more and let go of items that we didn't love.  We did a few bigger projects (but easy DIY's) and it's making a big impact around here.  Here are some looks I am in love with right now and I find that I am gravitating towards these days.  (Deep sigh).

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