fell off the face of the earth....

Well, we fell off the face of the earth and now we are back.  That is the only explanation for this looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong break from the blog, but alas, we have returned.  2016 has been a kind of tough year, although that is not an excuse, but its been a little harder to find things to talk about on a public forum when we don't have a lot of great news to share.

We went to Disneyland in January which was amazing and I am so thankful and happy that we were able to go!

A few short weeks after that Jeremiah's father passed away.  It was sudden and expected at the same time.  Can that happen?  Well, it felt that way.  We made the funeral arrangements and had a military service for him here in Portland and then traveled up to Oak Harbor, Washington (where they resided for many years) and had another service up there. It was obviously very hard so we were thankful for amazing friends and family to help us along the way.

Hmmm.  Then I was having some pain shortly after that and had it checked out to find a large cyst (the size of grapefruit) on one of my ovaries so the decision was made to have the cyst and my left ovary removed.  I had never had surgery before so I was just a tad nervous :) but everything went well and they ended up taking even more "stuff" out including 2 additional cysts and my Fallopian tubes.  Kind of an emotional roller coaster but I am feeling much better now.

So what do you typically do when you feel emotional about having no more children and need an "activity?"  Get a f#%*ing puppy right?  That's what I thought :)  So that is what we did.

Meet Gus.

He is a Shepard mix and we picked him up from the Oregon Human Society.  He is doing really well and fitting in nicely with our crazy tribe.

We also had our annual family pictures taken in our home a few weeks ago too!  We cannot wait to see them and we will certainly be sharing them :)  We had them done by June Lion and she was a delight to work with!

And on another subject, being that we were the very last people on earth to watch "Game of Thrones" we have now started :)  So if you call, email, text, or ring our doorbell and we don't answer, we are probably busy watching the story of the Stark's & Lannister's.  So.  Good.

That's about all the updates we have for now!  I am dedicated to get into a routine again with posting but for those who have inquired, I will not be opening my Etsy shop again anytime soon.  I appreciate all the shout-outs about it, but my heart is just not in it right now and timing doesn't seem right. Maybe someday though!!!