Hi all!  The fine people over at Chairish asked me to do a sweet little blog post about coffee tables and I, of course, jumped at the chance!  Chairish has amazing product for any style!  They are a major go-to for many designers and other bloggers for inspiration, and to find those once-in-a-lifetime products that pull an entire space together.  Here are some of their amazing coffee tables!!!

I decided to pick the above coffee table for my experiment.  To be honest, in our little house we only have room for 1 coffee table so I have to stage it very carefully.  Also, its one of the first things you see when you come through our front door so the pressure is on :)

I came up with the 5 essential items for a coffee table (in my opinion) that pull it together:

1. A good candle!  A good candle can be hard to find but there's nothing better than walking in your door and getting hit with the smell of a great scent.  Here are a few that I love:

2.  A few great coffee table books!  I love vintage books myself (and they are typically smaller in size which is great if you have a small table like we do).  They can add some height options to your table and obviously you can place something on top of a short stack.  They also can add some great color and interest.  You can also have them open to a favorite picture or quote for a little extra "something."

3. Trays!  Trays are fabulous ladies!  They can corral items, add color, and create a "break" in the lines of a table.  And don't forget about round trays too.  They are harder to come by sometimes, but they are great if you have a lot of squares or rectangles in your space!

4.  Bowls and Boxes (my favorite)!  I love a good cute box or bowl to through a few items in.  It adds interest and it's a great way to add instant character to your setting.  I have a small pottery piece on our coffee table and it holds a few trinkets with our favorite numbers on them.  Little things like that add personality and a story to your table.

5. Story-starters! This is where you can go a little funky people.  An interesting object that can start a conversation between old and new friends!  It can help break the ice and add interest and curiosity to the space.  It can be a treasure from your travels or a piece from down the street at a big-box store that you change and make your own.  Here are a few simple ideas:

If you want info on all the items listed and where to find them, check out Polyvore which is another amazing tool to create boards to see if it "goes together" before taking the plunge of ownership.  You can find almost anything!!!

Thank you again to Chairish for including me among your bloggers!  Check them out and have fun browsing their amazing selection!!!